The big day for a youngest people


Earth day

Workshop for Easter

Easter eggs coloured by different ways from children friends of Community center "Chestolyubie-2010". The young painters coloured eggs with wax, paint, napkin tehnique.

March workshop

Today we began with March workshop. Our young friends made their "martenitza" with love and a lot of fantazy. You may see a lot of pictures on a facebook page.
Festival of Mummers and Maqarade games coming soon
The Festival of Mummers and Masqarade games at Rakovski town will be carry out on Feb. 8-9, 2013. So it is time to think about that. Our art group open workshop door again. This time we will make masks every Saturday and Sunday for two weeks.

Valentine's Day is close
After hollidays Christmas and New Years spirit we go on with our work.  February is near so we begin to make cards and presents for Valentine's Day. What would you say?
Christmas workshop
Christmas workshop open doors every Saturday and Sunday at Community center Chestolyubie-2010 for a month.
The participants will make Christmas decoration from doush, natural material /cone, acorn etc./, candles, "survachka"/ made from cornel-tree branch decorated with coloured wool, stewed dried fruits, popcorn, chillis,coin/ used from children early morning on Jan.1-st to go from house to house wishing people Happy new year.
Festival of "Keshkeka" and traditional crafts
It is the name of the festival at Radilovo village where our group took a part on Sept.23, 2012. Here we presented our local dish called "pidi", and some jewellery and decorations made from art group at Community center Chestolyubie-2010.
Festival of peppers and tomatoes
Community center Chestolyubie-2010" was a part of Festival of peppers and tomatoes, traditional foods an crafts at Kurtovo Konare village on Sept.08,2012.
Our group was a part of workshop there and we show how to prepare "trahana"- local dish for our region.
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